Independence Hall Presidential Aspirant, James Amanor to embark on ONE Spartan ONE bag of Toilet Roll Project

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The Independence Hall Presidential Aspirant, Master James Amanor has vowed to embark on a toilet roll project when given the nod as the next Independence Hall President.

Master James Amanor as part of his vision to make Independence Hall an embodiment of excellence has retreated that, given the opportunity, he would lead such crusade.

He tells hypercitigh news desk that, “it is an evident truth that within the middle of the semester toilet roll becomes an expensive commodity to purchase especially when there are other highly prioritized needs to be met.

He argues that, though such a commodity may appear ‘cheap’ getting a bag for a student at the beginning of every semester is worthwhile to reduce the inconvenience of resorting to the use of lecture notes and past questions in the washroom.

Master James Amanor adds that even at the University of Cape Coast, it is a sort of a central project by the University to provide for every student a bag of toilet roll at the beginning of every semester.

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He attributes his premise for such an initiative to the number of interactions he has had with the hall members on his campaign trail and judging from personal experience.

When asked about the feasibility of such initiative, Master James Amanor hints of a plausible collaboration with any of the industry players notably Brompton Portfolio limited, a local manufacturer and others to embark on this project.

“Independence Hall is one of the biggest halls in Knust and a flamboyant one in that regard. Any serious industry player will want to partner with us to get this supplied every semester. We will leverage on the enviable image of the Hall to get this done; in exchange, we will also project the firm partnering us to the rest of Knust.

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“I believe this is one of the crucial welfare issues that we have to tackle. At the end of the day, it is the hall members who provide for the financial muscle of the hall to carry out any activity, so this is sort of a direct benefit to Spartans especially when every member will receive a bag of toilet roll at the beginning of a semester.

“This will intend to save as sewage issues going forward, if not now, could be in the near future”.

Master James Amanor also said that his vision for office is smart and will go at any length to attain them given the opportunity.

Credit: hypercitigh

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