Dec 17 Referendum: President Akuffo-Addo to address nation tonight

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The President will speak to the nation at exactly 8:00pm and various Television stations and social media platforms will carry the broadcast.

The nation is divided over the referendum which is aimed at allowing political parties to take part in local assembly polls.

It is believed the president’s address is to shape opinions Ghanaians have about giving political parties the sole right to elect assembly members, Municipal chief executives, District chief executives and what have view with some opinion leaders, political activists and social media commentators leading the ‘NO’ vote campaign ahead of the referendum.

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The referendum seeks to, among other things, amend Article 55, Clause 3 of the 1992 Constitution to enable political parties to participate in district-level elections.

Article 55 (3), is an entrenched clause, which currently bans political party activity in district-level elections, It requires a referendum and a turnout of at least 40% and over 75% voters in favour of the proposal, to amend the Article.

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