Do You Want To Enter Into A DEAL? Facts To Consider When Entering….

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A contract is a legally-binding agreement which recognises and governs the rights and duties of the parties to the agreement. A contract is legally enforceable because it meets the requirements and approval of the law. An agreement typically involves the exchange of goods, services, money, or promises of any of those.

In the event of breach of contract, the law awards the injured party access to legal remedies such as damages and cancellation.

Many at times people end up being defrauded because they didn’t think before entering into a deal. Before you enter into a deal or any transaction think and do research before venturing into it.


1 .SAY NO TO SOCIAL MEDIA DEALS: Don’t enter or think of any social media transaction be it WhatsApp group or Facebook. It is online and you don’t know where the person is located so in case of any business breach you can’t take legal action against them..

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2. DO RESEARCH ABOUT THE DEAL.When you are being approached with a deal do more research before venturing into it. Ask friends and relatives whether they have heard about that particular company or business transaction to get more information about the deal..

3. EVALUATE THE PRESSURE MOUNTED ON YOU.. Yes think and evaluate the pressure the person is mounting on you be it mallam,lotto boys, business associate and any deal. The business is important to you so you have to pressure but if he or she is pressurizing you then bear in mind is fake…

4. SET TIME INTERVALS..Time is very important in any transactions. Try to get and set some time interval to get more feeds about the transaction. Don’t just do any transaction instantly but get time to think and research about the deal…

5. DON’T BE MONEY MINDED.. Don’t just be money minded but think deep about the deal and terms and conditions. Being money minded will let you do any unreasonable transaction which will affect you..

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6. COMPARE YOUR INVESTMENT TO THE PROFIT THE PERSON IS PROMISING YOU.. This is very important to note. Don’t just venture into a deal without comparing your money to the money the person is promising you will get as profit. When you know this it helps you to know whether the deal is genuine or fake..

E.G I have bundle 2GB,4GB,6GB,10, but the price is 5cedis,10cedis, 15cedis but send it through mobile money and I will send it to you OR I work at the NLA,we have and know the winning numbers so send me money 100cedis,200cedis and I will give it to you OR I am a very powerful spiritual man so bring 20 million and i will make it 10 billion,bring 50 million and i will make it 100 billion.

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Compare and see it doesn’t sound logical and ideological.


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