đź”´Live Updates: Battle for the White House comes down to just a few states

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Officials in a handful of states where a winner has yet to be projected in the 2020 presidential election are preparing to release new batches of results on Thursday as votes continue to be counted, with Joe Biden improving his standing in three states overnight and President Trump making inroads in a fourth.

CBS News projects Biden has secured 253 electoral votes, just 17 shy of the 270 needed to win the presidency. Mr. Trump is currently projected to win 213 electoral votes. 

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The race now centers on Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania and  North Carolina, following projections on Wednesday that Biden will win Michigan and Wisconsin. Biden holds slim leads in Nevada and Arizona, both of which are still considered likely Democratic states in CBS News’ estimation. 

Mr. Trump’s standing improved in Arizona after more ballots were reporting early Thursday morning, although he trails Biden by roughly 69,000 votes and faces a steep uphill climb. Arizona officials won’t report more results from populous Maricopa County until later in the evening.

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Biden has narrowed the gap in Pennsylvania and in Georgia, which could finish counting ballots on Thursday. Those two states and North Carolina, which is not expected to announce more results for another week, remain toss-ups. The president maintains a lead of about 133,000 votes in Pennsylvania and just under 15,000 votes in Georgia. 

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Meanwhile, the president and his campaign have launched a series of legal actions seeking to halt vote counting in Michigan and Pennsylvania, with another suit planned in Nevada. Mr. Trump himself has continued to baselessly suggest that ongoing counting of legally cast votes is illegitimate, tweeting “STOP THE COUNT!” on Thursday morning.

Source: CBS News

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