Man Who Died of Coronavirus Comes Back to Life after Seven Days

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Report gathered has it that a man who was told to have died of coronavirus wakes up from the slumber after seven days.

Sharing this to the world, a woman revealed the dramatic story how her uncle they thought had died of coronavirus suddenly woke up.

According to report the lady who thought her uncle had died and took to Twitter to mourn his death has come back to shock people with the story of his amazing survival.
Rach on Twitter revealed that her uncle was taken off life support machine for seven days after the medical team thought he had died because he was not responding only for him to regain consciousness.
A few days ago, the young lady had taken to her page to mourn her uncle. According to her, she can’t believe that she lost him to the deadly coronavirus disease.
Praying that his soul rests in peace, Rach also noted that she could not wait for all the evil in the world to go away.
Amazingly, Rach went back to her previous tweet and quoted it with a shocking testimony of how her uncle did not die.
She shared how he was taken off life support because he was not responding to treatment anymore. Surprisingly, he opened his eyes on Wednesday, July 22, and he is still breathing.
Rach noted that he hasn’t spoken yet but her family is believing and praying that he would talk.

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