JUST IN: 7 Aggrey SHS girls sacked over “allow boys to chop you” comment

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The management of Aggrey Senior High School have sacked seven of their female students from the boarding facility for bringing the name of the school into disrepute.

The seven students were behind a video that had gone viral in which they were seen advising their fellow girls to give in to s3xual demands of men.

Apart from the embarrassment their conducts has brought to the school, management of the school, in their letter written to suspend the seven students said the girls had breached three school rules.

The rules, as stated in the letter dated February 6, 2020 and titled Expulsion from Boarding House,said the students had used unauthorized gadget [mobile phone] to dent the image of the school.

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The other grounds stated in the letter which was addressed to the Regional Director of the Ghana Education Service said the students had intentionally uploaded the video on social media where unprintable words that border on s3x were spewed.

The viral video in reference was recorded and circulated by the seven girls who were seen telling their fellow girls to give in to s3xual demands from boys.

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They argued in the video that should they die today, they’re private parts would go waste hence their advice.

The expulsed girls were all in their final year.

Credit: myafricatoday

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