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Research conducted tells that, “in Singapore, they employ people who can do the job, those who have the qualification and not just ‘paper’ qualifications but requisite skills…”  Kishore Mahbubani (Chinqui Senior Fellow, China Institute). Just before mid year of 2019, Singapore recorded a surplus budget and shared a percentage to its citizens.

Countries like Qatar, Luxembourg, Kuwait among others with less resources than Ghana are able to develop. So i ask, what is the problem with Ghana?

If it’s about the population, what about the USA with over 310million people, China with over 1.8 billion people and others?

A citizen of Dubai was interviewed and he said the difference between developed and developing countries is LEADERSHIP.

Look, when people use their power in an unfair way to give the best jobs and positions to their family members, it is called NEPOTISM whereas 
When a person is treated better than other person, it is FAVOURITISM. Meanwhile, we are one people and we need to share the national cake equally.

In addition, most countries in Africa including Ghana are not able to progress because of favouritism by means of giving jobs or positions to people because they belong to a particular Political party or family but he or she has no idea, experience or even the qualifications to operate.

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This is an exhibition of incompetency in the highest order. Loot and share is a clear definition of corruption coupled with wickedness to the country.

Research and findings by EGS has shown that there are people with diverse experiences, who’s views and readily assistance are neglected for they don’t hold a party flag.

Setting the records straight, Ghana is gradually crippling in terms of education and development. With this, we need not to blame only NPP government. Both NPP and NDC must be blamed. They only think about how to win elections, turns to be proactive and supervise shady work.

A country endowed with resources always begging for arms because someone is not doing his/her work well.

No one dares to talk about the leadership of the two main political parties, NDC and NPP because their supporters dominate the country.

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Ghana’s debt stock is $205.5 billion but my country Ghana is not poor. Sadly, a debt ahead of the incoming generation being accrued due to the incompetencies of some leaders who do not have a positive attitude and don’t qualify to take a position allocated him/her.
Offices are occupied by people through favouritism; those who helped the party to gain power must at all cost enjoy unmerited appointments which is very inimical.

CEO, Thriller News GH Media (Alexander Tawiah)

This canker has affected every sector of the country’s economy.

With respect to the aforementioned acts and behaviour, CEO of Thriller News GH Media(Alexander Tawiah), admonishes the following recommendations:

1.We must amend our attitude towards everything in the country because, attitude Is everything.

2.We must work diligently devoid of partisan politics and think about Ghana first in all activities. Every Ghanaian should take off his/her political lens and defend Ghana now!.

3.Ghana needs patriotic leaders with a positive attitude to transform Ghana. Let’s vote for sensitive leaders this time.

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4.Leaders without parochial interest and visionary leaders must occupy the high positions and help empower the youth.

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