Don’t date a guy whose mattress is on the floor, they’re NOT ready for marriage – Lady advises

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Social media has made it easy for anyone to voice his or her grievances as well as candid opinions with just a click comparably to the olden days.

These days, anyone with 5 megabytes of data can hide behind any cracked screen of Infinix phone to say anything and go scot-free: the case of a lady with username @its_blis on Twitter.

In her Tweet, she cautioned ladies not to date a guy who has his mattress laid on the floor. To her best knowledge, such guys have no plans or whatsoever about marriage.

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Thus, dating them would mean wasting one’s precious time and energy. “Ladies pls don’t date guy which mattress is on the floor… Scrutiny says they are not ready for marriage”, the tweet reads.

The Tweet has sparked controversy. Below is what some Twitter users have to say:

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