KNUST Mixed Hall Saga: Katanga Chief Of staff Speaks On Intended Demo

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The executive council of Katanga has declared that it did not sign any official press release which confirms an intended act of demonstration by Katanga to render their displeasure to the school. It is however a mere speculation by a group of students to express their discontentment on current happenings in the hall.

The council indicated that considering the number of students in the hall which is about fifty thousand in Ghana and beyond, the actual masterminds of the press speculations could not be identified but as at the time the speculations where being spread, relevant stakeholders of the hall which include alumni and hall residents were allegedly involved.

Even though they could not identify the spearheads of the speculations circulating in the media, they do not think it is a bad idea for any group of persons to resort to a peaceful
demonstration when they feel unduly treated especially in a democratic society like ours where demonstration is a legal tool.

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They also designated that a committee was set up to sit on the issue of admitting female hall residents to the hall after their last meeting with the Chancellor Otumfio Osei Tutu. It was reported that the Chancellor gave an assurance to work hand in hand with the hall executive council to find appropriate ways to solve the fuse emerging.

In respect to this, the hall executives have indicated that they are willing to be diplomatic about issues in case the hall admits female hall residents this 2019/2020 academic year by waiting on the Committee or the Chancellor if otherwise with the hope that issues would not progress into a demonstration. Neither has the school authorities declared admitting female residents to the hall nor has the Chancellor stated explicitly that admission of female hall residents should be halted.

However, the Chancellor declared that things should continue normally. The hall has attained so much as an all-male hall since its existence hence its male residents strongly belief that the presence of females in the hall is going to disrupt or break the strength, solidarity and brotherliness that has existed over fifty-five years and would definitely alter the activities and goals the hall in its masculinity is striving to achieve year after year.

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Nonetheless, the hall executives pointed out clearly that the rumors that Katanga male occupants hate the presence of females in their hall is nothing but a misconception. The executive council of the hall therefore urges all its relevant stakeholders to remain calm while they are doing everything possible to handle issues diplomatically.

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